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about / faqs

How long have you been in business?  Since 2009

How many weddings have you photographed? I have photographed over 250 weddings.

Are you part time or full time? Photography is my full time job, I absolutely love it.

Do you have formal training? Yes, I have a BFA in photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design, where I focused mainly in commercial and fashion photography. I moved to NYC after college, and quickly learned wedding and portrait photography was a much better fit because of the emotional connection both my clients and I have to the images. After working under many award-winning photographers in the city, I moved to Austin for a life better suited to me. Easy going, hard working, creative and happy. I am fulfilled by this work, I can't imagine doing anything else.

How many camera bodies and lenses do you have? I have 2 digital cameras strapped to me at all times during a wedding, with an additional 3rd body in my bag as backup. I shoot with Canon professional gear because the cameras are durable, the lenses are tack sharp and the colors are rich. I always have at least five L series lenses with me that cover a large range of focal lengths. This also allows for backup should one lens break. 

How many images should I expect to see from my wedding? I typically deliver 100 images per hour, or 150 an hour with a second professional photographer.

Are the photographers you hire to second shoot for you professional? Yes, I have a select network of talented and hard working peers I work with, who have been in business for at least 5 years. In any circumstance, they could take over and give you beautiful wedding images.

How long does it take to get our images? My goal is to deliver a set of professionally edited, frame ready images that you will love forever. That is why this process takes between 10 and 15 weeks for weddings, and 3 to 5 weeks for portrait sessions. Once completed, you have the option of coming in for your wedding gallery premiere and product ordering session, or receiving your images via online gallery to view at home privately. I highly recommend printing out your favorite images because no matter the quality of the screen, details will be lost. The smaller the screen, the fewer the details.

What is your backup system? Images are transferred to at least two external drives, and memory cards with original images are not formatted until the final gallery is uploaded online. Also, completed galleries are backed up to a third off-site drive.

What happens if you are sick or injured, and cannot shoot our wedding? Unless something life threatening is happening, I'm happy to load up on mucinex and dayquil to power through your wedding. I will do everything physically possible to be there, and I will always work hard to deliver artistic, professional images. Worst case scenario, I have a large network of talented and experienced professional photographer friends who will happily step in to help. 

How does your pricing work? I create custom quotes for each of my couples based entirely on their photographic needs. This means I can accomodate a wide range of budgets, whether you are looking for just a few hours of week day coverage, or Saturday coverage with three photographers, portrait sessions, and a professional photo book. If you'd like to receive a custom quote for your wedding, please fill in and submit my contact form, and give me as much information about your wedding as possible. I will respond during office hours (Tuesday - Thursday, 10am to 7pm) with links to full galleries of my past work, plus a series of questions that will help me build your custom quote.

When do you schedule engagement sessions? I shoot engagement sessions during the week only. Weekends are reserved for weddings or much needed time off. In some cases, I will schedule your session for a Saturday morning for an additional $500.

How do we book you?  To get started, please contact me to check my availability. I book between 3 and 16 months out depending on the season. Every year, approximately 25% of the weddings I shoot are in other states or countries, so my booking process can all be conveniently done online. Contracts are viewed and signed by all parties electronically, I accept checks or credit. Your package total will be split into three even payments. The first payment is due with your signed contract as your non-refundable deposit, and guarantees my services for your date. The second payment is due 5 months prior to your wedding, and the third payment is due 30 days prior. *If you are having a small wedding, or an elopement, I offer separate packages and payment plans. Please inquire for more information.

Can we meet you, and when? Absolutely! I 'd love to meet with you for coffee, lunch, happy hour, dinner, etc... Or you can come to my south Austin studio space to see slideshows, print enlargements and sample photo books.

What are you like? I am extremely laid back, unless I need to take charge. I work to live, and am always searching for the best balance between my work and personal life. Due to a busy shooting schedule (busiest during the Spring and Fall), I can only spend three days a week managing the business. This includes emailing, among many, many other things. This means I will answer your email as quickly as I can in the order it is received, Tuesdays through Thursdays only. I take Sundays and Mondays off because I've learned, if it's not two days off in a row, it's just not enough. I'm a weekend warrior, so I've come to terms with giving up my Fridays and Saturdays for work. But, I treasure my Sundays and Mondays, so you can expect no work talk from me during that time =) I will do my best to let you know when I am taking time off and am away from the office completely, but I love going off the grid, and sometimes very spontaneously.


Hi! So glad you stopped to read this.

I am completely obsessed with light. Noticeably obsessed I might add, I can't help but get distracted by it and begin composing mental images everywhere I go. My natural tendency to turn everything I see into photographs makes it hard to have a camera with me on vacation, I never put it down and I'm not in the moment (trust me, it's bad). I understand the urge to document everything, and I would give anything to have a skilled photographer follow me around for ALL the important moments in my life! When I look back through photographs I love, I get to feel the memories all over again. This gift of mine, the ability to preserve your memories is something I don't take lightly. I don't take for granted the fact that I help people document their lives. My ideal environment to create the best art for you is when you trust me 100%. I will always have your photos best interest in mind, I want you to look at these in 30 years and relive the day like it was yesterday. That is why I aim for my images to be timeless, elegant and vibrant. My background is in commercial/fashion photography, but in the past few years I've completely fallen in love with photo journalism. There's nothing more rewarding than capturing a perfectly lit, emotional moment for you. I work hard at every wedding to give you original and beautiful images that you can share with your loved ones forever. Let me help your friends and family be more in the moment at your wedding day by putting your cameras and iPhones down for a few hours. I got ya."

I studied fashion and commercial photography, and immersed myself in the industry when I lived in NYC for a few years, so I'm extremely experienced at lighting, posing and giving direction. This allows me to not only capture your emotional moments with your friends and family, but to light and compose them beautifully. I always shoot with two cameras simultaneously during weddings, so I can shoot extremely fast and not miss a moment.

I have found what makes me tick, what makes me happy, and I'll never look back. I'd love to meet up for a coffee or cocktails to get to know you better and talk about your wedding. Use the contact form for information about booking me as your wedding photographer today!

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